Richmond VA Photographer | Happy Birthday Luke

Richmond VA Photographer

Happy 4th Birthday Luke!  I don't know how we got here, it feels like I should still be in the hospital with you recovering from delivery.  You are my 'spitfire' child.  My perfectly crazy middle child.  You are so gifted with sports I am already picking out the tile for the future mansion you will build me when you strike rich. ;) (But if you don't that's totally fine too, I really do love love our current home.

Three was a big year for you! You learned to ride a bike without training wheels.  You've been doing that for months actually, and i'm still impressed with it!  You are SO smart and breeze through 'preschool' work. You are kind and love and protect your baby brother in a way I always dreamed of when I thought of you in a big brother position.  You are fearless. The absolute don't give a hoot what anyone thinks kind of fearless.  Which both excites and terrifies me.  It's only by the grace of God we haven't had to call an ambulance.  Let's keep it that way, okay?  You are determined. To the extent of stubborn but I know it's a quality that will serve you greatly later in life so I let it go.  You are a jokester.  Hiding a plastic snake all around the house and just waiting until someone finds it. 

We had a fun year.  From crab hunting late at night on the beach to our first Disney trip, we have lots of great memories to look back on from your year of three.

And here we are, your year of four.  You were so excited this morning to tell everyone how old you are.  You will grow more this year than before and I am so excited God gave you to me.  I am blessed because of you. 

Love always,

*Fall + newborn pics by me, Beach pics by Andi + Zoe, and Family brennan newborn pic by Nicole Wingo!